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The folding models shown in this book feature nice colourful step by step instruction diagrams.

The models are of a wide variety - from animals to flowers and even Santa Claus.

As you can see the instruction diagrams are good and the inability for English readers to read the Korean text notes should not prevent the reader being able to complete the model.


ORIGAMI WORLD (also known as Origami Treasure Chest) [ ISBN 89-7622-008-0 ]   Author: Keiji Kitamura

Suited to the beginner folder this book has over 50 models with clear instruction provided through step by step colour images and photos.
Models include: Several flowers, panda, snail, frog, several fish, duck, penguin, sea horse, swallow, owl, basket, people plus more.
Korean text but diagrams are good and very clear (refer to picture above).
95 pages, 21 x 25.5 cm, all pages are glossy with colour images, paperback
with plastic protective sleeve.
Comes with 7 sheets of 15 x 15 cm paper.

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