AUSTRALIAN ORDERS ( Orders for delivery within Australia)
Australian buyers may place orders by EMAIL or MAIL(post) (please read instructions below):

1. Email order - Payment by PayPal (online payment PayPal account/credit card/bank account)
    Send an email to
sales@origami.com.au with the following information:
    1. The items you wish to order
    2. Your delivery address
    3. Tell us that you want to pay using PayPal.
                You DO NOT need to be a PayPal member or to join PayPal.

    We will send you a PayPal invoice via email, that you pay through PayPal.
    PayPal then debits your PayPal account/credit card and credits the payment to us.
    PayPal emails us to confirm that you have paid for your order.
                   ** For more info about PayPal go to the PayPal web site www.paypal.com

2. Email order - Payment by direct credit to our bank account (direct bank acct. deposit)
   Send an email to
sales@origami.com.au   with the following information:
    1. The items you wish to order
    2. Your delivery address
    3. Tell us that you want to pay by direct credit to our bank account (direct deposit).
    We will then email you back our bank account credit details and confirm the full amount of your order, so that you can deposit the payment direct to our bank account.
   On confirmation that your payment has been received we will send your order.
3. Mail order (post) - Write down your list of items you are buying (see checklist below) along with your name and delivery address. Mail your order to our post office address:
           Japanese Paper and Origami Supplies
           PO Box A32
           South Enfield NSW 2133

Mail Order checklist steps:
1. List the items you wish to order and the quantity of each (with price of items ordered)
2. Add up the cost of all items (record on order list) and use this amount to determine the postage cost. (see below postage cost table).
The TOTAL ORDER COST = cost of your items plus the postage cost.
3. Include your delivery address.
4. Please ensure your cheque / money order is attached (amount = total order cost).
5. Also, include your daytime contact, just in case we need to call you about the order.
Payment is accepted by four methods:
1. PAYPAL - Use your PayPal account or your credit card to make payment for your order.
We will send you a PayPal invoice (emailed) so that you can complete your purchase.

 2. DIRECT DEPOSIT to our Australian Bank Account (AUD$). Request payment by direct deposit to our bank account. We will email a reply to you with our bank account details, so that you may transfer your payment to our account.
 3. CREDIT CARD - Mastercard , VISA using PAYPAL only. We will email you a PayPal invoice for you to make payment ONLINE using your credit card.

CHEQUE or MONEY ORDER made payable to "Japanese Paper and Origami Supplies".

Allow 3 to 5 working days for delivery from the date payment is made for your order. Actual delivery times vary depending on the delivery destination. For metropolitan Sydney, orders can be delivered within 2 to 3 working days.
Express Post (Australia Post - next day delivery) can be arranged if required at a small additional fee (as the postage cost for the service is more).
Freight Charges - Australian Orders (delivery within Australia)
Value of Order (Order form Sub Total amount)
Postage Cost ($AUD)
Orders costing up to $10 (inclusive)
maximum of $ 4.20 **
Orders costing between $10 and $25 (inclusive)
maximum of $ 8.00 **
Orders costing over $25
$ 13.00

** Where possible we will reduce postage costs. The table is the maximum you will be charged for an order.

Postage Prices as at 4 Jan 2016.

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