INTERNATIONAL ORDERS (For delivery outside of Australia)
International customers may place orders via EMAIL (please read instructions below):
Email order with payment via PAYPAL
PayPal can process payments from your PayPal account, your credit card online or from your bank account.

Email to us the following information:
   - A list of items you wish to purchase and the quantity,
Your delivery address and country.

We will email to you a PayPal invoice as your quotation for the cost of goods plus shipping costs.
You may then confirm your order by making payment of the PayPal invoice from your PayPal account or Credit Card account.
PayPal emails to us confirmation that you have credited the payment to our account.
We then send your order to you.

You don't need to be a PayPal member to make payment of a PayPal invoice. The PayPal invoice has a link to a secure site for payment using your credit card. You don't have to join PayPal.
Please refer to the FAQ section below if you have any questions.
If unable to locate your answer there please feel free to email us and we will assist you.

For international orders we require payment by PAYPAL only.

PAYPAL (Online credit card payment)
We will issue to you a PAYPAL invoice (refer email order info above) for your order, which you pay using your PAYPAL account or Credit Card. Goods are shipped once payment confirmed as being received into our PayPal account.

Orders are processed within 48 hours of the receipt of your payment.
Order delivery uses international airmail using Australia Post.
Shipping charges are based on the overall weight of the parcel and will be calculated and added to the total cost of the ordered items.
The shipping cost calculated is the actual costs to send the parcel to you plus sometimes an additional small packaging fee may be required if special packaging supplies are used for your order (additional AUD $1 or $2 only.......example - if a postage tube is required to be used).

Tip: The best way to keep international shipping costs low is to avoid choosing heavy or large products (large products require additional packaging which adds weight to the order).

Ask For a Quote
If concerned or curious about freight costs - email us for a quotation. Include details of the items you wish to order and your city & country and we will email you back an exact quote in AUD$ for the order, including shipping charges. We are happy to provide you with a quotation with no obligation to buy.
Quotations can be provided in any of the major currencies.
E-mail us for a quotation at sales@origami.com.au

International Buyers): IMPORT/CUSTOM TAXES
Your order may be subject to customs charges and/or import fees if you are having an item delivered to a location outside of Australia.
We cannot estimate if or when these charges will be applied, how much they will come to if applied and we regret that we cannot pay these charges. For more information about customs charges please contact your local customs office.

Any charges incurred must be paid by the receiver of the order (not the seller), if an item is refused by the receiver the item will be abandoned by the carrier and the customer will be wholly liable for the order and the return of the goods to us otherwise the item will not be refunded.

Question: How can I pay for my order in Australian dollars when I have a USD or EURO, (non AUD$) credit card?
Your credit card account will be debited in your home currency. This conversion is looked after by the international credit card / banking systems/ PayPal. For example if you have a USD$ credit card account, your account will be debited for the USD$ equivalent of the AUD$ amount of your order. The conversion rate and AUD$ amount is normally displayed on your normal credit card statement - so you can see that you were charged the correct amount. It works the same as if you were overseas on holiday and purchased something with your credit card.
When making a payment using PayPal - PayPal will convert your "home" currency into Australian AUD$.
To check the current conversion rate for your home currency use this link

The PayPal web site (www.paypal.com) also has a currency converter and PayPal conversion rates may differ from that shown on the currency converter provided at the link above.

Question: How do I know how much you will charge me for the shipping of my order? Can I find out how much the shipping will cost before I order?
Answer: If you wish to know the Total of your order including the amount of shipping - please email us for a quotation. We will tell you the total cost of your order and the shipping cost. This quotation price quoted will be the exact AUD$ price charged to you for that order. The quotation is valid for 8 days from date of our reply to you.
Shipping charges are based on the overall weight of the parcel and will be calculated and added to the total cost of the order.
You only pay what it actually costs to send the parcel to you plus a small packaging fee of no more than AUD$2 (sometimes required where special protective packaging is required).

Question: How long does it take to ship my order to USA / Europe?
Delivery times depend on parcel destination, but as a guide orders to USA and Europe are usually delivered within 7 to 8 working days from date of shipping.

If you have other questions - please email us and ask. We are happy to answer any ordering questions you may have. Click on the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of page or in the Menu side bar for email address/link.
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