Fascinating Origami – V Palacios


This book of unusually original and inventive projects, presented by origami expert Vicente Palacios, provides instruction on the construction of over 100 different models.

projects includes step-by-step instructions for a camel, rooster, butterfly, bullfighter, magician, an Arab on horseback, butterfly, cat, rhino, elephant, penguin, kneeling angel, bat, sea turtle, goose and many more (over 100).

This book is not really suited to the first time folder… but if you are confident with reading origami folding diagrams you will be OK (but don’t let that discourage you …this book does have some very cool models to make…..it just takes a little perservernace to work out some of the elements…. but that is also the challenge…right ! 🙂 )

208 pages 16.5 x 23.4 cm, paperback, no colour photos [English text]

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