Iris Folding Compendium 2 – Gaasenbeek & Beauveser


Author: Author: Maruscha Gaasenbeek & Tine Beauveser

Plenty of card designs here for the Iris Folder. Projects are based around 3 card design shapes – Pentagon, Square and Oval.
Patterns are provided for the following cards:
Pentagon – A Pentagon, House, Duo, Diamond, Basket, Cake, 2 x Roses, Xmas Tree, Comet (4 point star), Xmas decorations.
Oval – An Oval, Frog, Spoon, Suitcase, 2CV (car), Fish, Big & little eggs, Watering Can, Crocus (like a pineapple shape),
Exclamation Mark, Greek Vases
Rectangles – A rectangle, Big & Small Leaves, Mushroom, Pear, Coffe Pot, Cups, Lantern, Icicle (tree ornament), Christmas Hut, Xmas tree.

96 Pages, 16.5 cm x 16.5 cm, paperback – gloss paper. All cards are shown in colour pictures. [English text]

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