About Us

こんにちは Konnichiwa.

Origami has been a hobby of mine for many years now. It started from my fascination of being able to turn a single humble piece of paper into a 3D creation – creating a crane, a flower, a box – the possibilities are endless.

Back then supplies were a challenge to acquire locally so I decided to import my own paper. Yes, that is how much I love origami, so much so, that I started this website and business in 2001 to share this traditional art of Japan with others. This is truly a website made by a folder for the folders!

In addition to origami papers I have also added a selection of authentic chiyogami and washi from Japan and specialty papers from Korea.

I will endeavour to add new products to our range whenever possible and if you have any origami paper that you would like us to carry, please let us know. All suggestions will be considered and I will try my best to find sources for them.

Orders are processed promptly and we have received much praise for our excellent service & speedy delivery from both domestic and international clients.

It is incredible how you can turn a humble flat piece of paper to a 3D creation.  So start folding and discover the fun and the challenge you can get from origami.

20 years on we are still going strong and I thank all my loyal customers for their continued support.

Origami wa sugoi desu!
(Origami is fantastic!)


Aileen is a recognised Origami Instructor with the Nippon Origami Association