Essential Book of Origami – LaFosse & Alexander


Essential Book of Origami: The Complete Guide for Everyone
Origami Book with 16 Lessons and Instructional DVD Paperback
Authors:  Michael G. LaFosse and Richard L. Alexander

World-renowned origami artists Michael G. LaFosse and Richard L. Alexander share their wisdom and expertise in this guided tour of origami paper folding techniques.
This comprehensive guide contains 16 step-by-step lessons-each revealing a different aspect of the paper-folding magic that is origami.
In addition to explaining how to select your folding papers, how to preserve and display your creations, and even how to sell origami art commercially, this book also presents the authors’ own personal philosophy of the paper folding art.

This book will broaden your understanding of how to:

  • Understand the folding properties and limitations of various papers
  • “Dance with the Paper” which means folding in the air instead of on a table
  • Design your own original origami models
  • Wet-fold paper money
  • Make duo-sided paper by back-coating
  • Prepare papers with pearlescent and lustrous paints for scintillating effects
  • Pre-paint and wet-fold watercolor paper
  • Understand how the paper’s grain impacts fold placement during wet-folding
  • Fold multi-piece modular compositions
  • And much more!  – Publisher synopsis

96 pages,  21.59 x 1.02 x 27.94 cm, paperback,  English text


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